Multiculturalism and Radicalization: new approaches to old Problems

Multiculturalism and Radicalization: new approaches to old Problems

Short project description:
This project aims to strengthen inter-societal relations by address multiculturalism and radicalization through innovative tools, interactive learning, analysis and campaigns. By providing common ground for improving social cohesion among different community stakeholders, the project ensures new approaches towards multiculturalism and radicalization as important phenomena in society. The activities are implemented in two cities: Skopje and Struga.

Activity 1.1 – Workshop on multiculturalism
Activity 1.2 – Workshop on creative tools
Activity 1.3 – Community action
Activity 1.4 – Training of Trainers and Mentors

Activity 2.1 – Training and mentorship program for youth for prevention of radicalization that leads to violence
Activity 2.2 – Workshop on prevention of radicalization
Activity 2.3 – Workshop on creative tools
Activity 2.4 – Community action
Activity 2.5 – Training of trainers and mentors

Activity 3: Research on identification of factors that triggers violence in sportive events

Activity 4: Analysis – consequences of COVID crisis to multicultural life

Activity 5: Publicity event for researches

Activity 6: Online campaign

Activity 7: Video material of activities

Period of implementation: June 2021 – December 2022

Partners: Nexus Civil Concept (Lead) and Association for development and activism Akva Struga

Donor: Civica Mobilitas