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Strengthening Resilience Of The Youth Against Radicalisation In The Western Balkans

The project has an ambition to contribute to addressing the youth radicalisation that has been the problem in the Western Balkans for couple of years already. The project will be implemented in four project countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia that are all affected with this phenomenon. The main idea of the project is to mobilize active young people that are interested in improving lives of young people in their communities through addressing radicalisation.



The program of Civic Engagement works on projects and initiatives that aims to enable activism of citizens in taking social responsibilities or policy-making processes in local and national level.

The program aims to contribute especially young people to help them become informed and engaged citizens of community. With this, the goal of Civic Engagement Program is to advocate, link, engage and build professional development for citizens.

The Euro-Active program works on projects and initiatives that aims to contribute on EU Integration of Macedonia and Europeanization of its society.

The main goal of Euro-Active Program is to implement research and community projects that further the consolidation of society with European values.

The program advocates for EU Integration of Macedonia through involvement to policy-making processes by providing tools, recommendation and concrete steps.

The program of Preventing/Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE) works on projects and initiatives to build resilience in community against any type of radicalization and violent extremism that threatens the society.

Through this program, Horizon Civitas aims to help citizens for building capacities to take social responsibility for a safer community. With this, the goal of Horizon Civitas is to contribute for a community-based mechanisms to tackle the phenomenon of radicalization or/and violent extremism.

To reach this goal, Horizon Civitas co-operates with relevant stakeholders such as public institutions, local government, CSOs, and religious representatives.

The team of P/CVE Program is consisted of Samet Shabani, Amir Kadri, Angela Nikoloska Tajroska.