Bridge 2.0

Bridge 2.0

Short description of the project:

BRIDGE is a project idea with a focus to deal with reintegration and resocialization of formerly convicted individuals in North Macedonia, including their families, for crimes related to violent extremism.

It is a civil society initiative that advocates between families and public institutions for establishing effective reintegration policies and processes. BRIDGE 2.0 is a follow-up of the already successfully implemented BRIDGE, with a more comprehensive scope of activities.


BRIDGE 2.0 aims to boost reintegration efforts through two objectives:

  • To increase institutional and other stakeholder capacities for implementation of reintegration and resocialization policies in North Macedonia
  • To continue networking and advocacy between families/cases and public institutions for tailoring reintegration and resocialization programs    


Activity 1: Advocacy Meetings

Horizon Civitas holds advocacy meetings period with two stakeholders: families/individuals and official stakeholders.
1- HC establishes contacts with the remaining family members (not contacted at BRIDGE 1) of judicial cases related to recruitment and participation to violent extremist groups.

2- HC also holds meetings / interviews with other central and local stakeholders / practitioners (NCPVECT, Directorate for Execution of Sanctions, municipalities, Islamic Religious Community, local CSOs, other community leaders)

Activity 2: Resocialization Activities

In cooperation with Center for Social Work, HC organizes three re-socialization activities (one per month) with family members or/and released individuals such as sport activities (football game, table tennis, etc.) and a dialogue dinner/picnic. Center for Social Work establishes contact with families for further reintegration steps.

Activity 3: Capacity Building Training

HC organizes three-day capacity building training for 30 practitioners and experts from public institutions, private sector and civil society, that will be involved in implementing the National Action Plan on Reintegration. Two practitioners from the Netherlands are involved to share the Dutch practices in reintegration and resocialization.

Activity 4: Dialogue Workshop

HC organizes a one-day workshop where new contacted families and/or released individuals meet with NCCVECT reintegration practitioners in order to express the challenges they face and thus, define priorities for tailored reintegration programs for them.

Activity 5: Research report

HC publishes a research report with findings, conclusions and recommendations about reintegration and resocialization in North Macedonia. 

Activity 6: Advocacy meetings for legal adjustments

Based also on the recommendations coming out from the research report, HC holds advocacy meetings policy-makers to boost possible legislative/legal adjustments for implementation of further reintegration programs in North Macedonia. HC also provides expertise for preparation of any rehabilitation program/framework.

Activity 7: Regional Networking Workshop

HC organizes a Regional Networking Workshop in Skopje with CSOs from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Kosovo involved in reintegration to share experiences and good practices. This regional network will also help IOM for implementation of regional reintegration project activities at local level.

Activity 8: Closing event

HC organizes a closing event to present outputs coming from the implementation of whole components/activities to stakeholders. 

Period of implementation:

September 2019 – March 2021


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