Returnee Project – Germany

Returnee Project – Germany

Short description of the project:

The cooperation between SOLWODI and HORIZON CIVITAS aims at assisting women returnees from Germany in their reintegration in North Macedonia.

The target group of the Reintegration project of SOLWODI are migrant women in miserable situations, who have stayed at least for one year in Germany (legally or illegally) and who wish to or have to return to their home countries. Many of them were lured to Germany by false promises of work or education, through marriage agencies or by traffickers for the sex industry. In Germany, they very often have to live under inhuman conditions, in a violent marriage, illegal work, or even in prostitution.

The reintegration project offers migrant women an opportunity of return in dignity.

The main objective of the project is to support the returnee in order to gain socio-economic independence.


Initial counseling is carried out by SOLWODI in Germany, where future perspectives are developed. Once back in the country of origin, HORIZON CIVITAS which co-operates with SOLWODI takes over responsibility for counseling, project supervision and for verifying proper use of the funds.


  • Contribution to the living expenses (“orientation aid”) up to 3-6 months in the home country to tide the woman over. (Grant, not refundable)

  • Grant for rental costs (for a limited period), if needed (grant, not refundable)

  • Grant for school / nursery costs for children of the clients, if needed (grant, not refundable)
  • Scholarships for a vocational training up to one year. (Grant, not refundable)
    For this time, an additional contribution to the living expenses can be given.

  • Grants for job adaptations (Grant, not refundable)
    SOLWODI co-finances traineeships and jobs for up to one year in the countries of origin for reintegration on the labor market.
  • Funds a for small-scale business: If the woman can prove the qualification to start a small-scale business and if a reasonable and profitable business proposal is presented to SOLWODI, SOLWODI can provide funds up to a maximum of 3,000 Euro as a grant (not refundable). All issues regarding the funding are to be discussed with the partner. Project approval of HORIZON CIVITAS is required for project realization. Commercial knowledge is essential for a successful business. Up to three months schooling courses can be financed by SOLWODI.

Period of implementation: May 2022 – for an indefinite period of time

Partner and donor:

SOLWODI Berlin e.V.