Terms of Reference (ToR) for facilitating workshops about craft productions

Terms of Reference (ToR) for facilitating workshops about craft productions

Horizon Civitas was founded on November 2017 as a civil society organization for encouraging civic activism and social responsibility. Since its establishment, Horizon Civitas aims to initiate the development in the field of social, cultural and policy-making activities of citizens in order to raise awareness of active and responsible participation in the society. In that line, Horizon Civitas has implemented various activities and projects that aimed professional capacity building and development of individuals and communities with lower access to opportunities.

Project background

Project title: LUB-ON-WO-CRAFT: Vocational education on developing crafts for online shopping for women in Luboten

Overall objective: to enable an inclusive environment for socio-economic development through increasing entrepreneurial skills of ten young rural women from Luboten, by

activities such as non-formal education, networking and labor-access opportunities.

Project Outcomes:

1) Applied  cross-sectorial  effortsto  address  community  challenges,  as  well  as  raising awareness and social

2) 10 young rural women are equipped with the necessary knowledge and capacities to open online shopping page to sell craft products

3) Applied  cross-sectoral  efforts  to  address  community  challenges,  Active  and  direct involvement of the citizens in the creation and implementation of development projects in the community, especially women and youth

4) Applied cross-sectoral efforts to address community challenges


The workshops on craft production (that regards only this ToR) will take place physically in Elementary School “Liman Kaba” – Luboten.

This project is funded by European Union through sub-granting of Community Investment Platform, implemented by Foundation Albiz.

Purpose and Scope of Work

The purpose of the ToR is to engage one (1) craft work mentor to provide set of workshops on crafts production. The workshops that Horizon Civitas is keen to provide to the final beneficiaries are as follows:

1. Workshop on “exploding gift box” (4 sessions)

(ex. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYSqOk_G8Tk)

2. Workshop on craft tailoring (4 sessions)

(ex. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-6IsXvF-P4)

3. Workshop on painting craft: bags, t-shirts, shoes (4 sessions)

4. Workshop on gypsum crafts (4 sessions)

The workshops are facilitated by craft-work mentor through applied teaching. The mentor also monitors progress of the participants throughout the whole process.

Expected results

·     Ten  (10)  young rural women are  equipped with the necessary knowledge and capacities to produce their own crafts.


The workshops are organized twice per week (in total 16 sessions). The working language as well as communication with participants throughout the whole process must be in Albanian. The mentor prepares a work plan for sixteen sessions, indicating necessary workshop materials, respectively. The duration of one session should not exceed 150 min. (including breaks). The work plan should be sent to Horizon Civitas for final approval. The mentor also must fulfill the activity report template provided by Horizon Civitas, at the end of each session.

Work Plan

Engagement for 16 work days between the period of 26 September – 30 November

Deliverables Deadline
Selection of mentor 23 September
Signing contract and providing work plan to Horizon Civitas 26 September
Assisting Horizon Civitas with purchase of workshop materials 30 September
Delivery of sixteen sessions of workshops 30 November


The craft mentor must meet the following minimum criteria to conduct the workshops:

  ·       Certifications on any craft production

   ·     Proof of previous craft production (any photo, video, web link is considered as proof)

   ·       Based in Skopje, North Macedonia

   ·       Fluent knowledge and speaking of Albanian language

   ·       Previous experience with craft workshops will be very considered asset.

·     Cultural and political awareness and sensitivity, particularly in relation to the subject matter of the final beneficiaries.

Required documentation

·         CV

·         Scanned copies of any craft production certifications

·         Proof of previous craft production (any photo, video, web link)

Candidates   should   send   required   documentation   to   following   e-mail   addresses: horizoncivitas@gmail.com, no later than 23 September 2022.

Selection process

Horizon Civitas will publish this ToR through its official website  www.horizon.mk and share through possible channels, if any (social media, advertising platforms, etc.). Any questions of the   interested   parties   should   be   addressed   to    horizoncivitas@gmail.com   and samet.sh@horizon.mk no later than 20 September. The express of interest by mentors should be sent with title in  the subject line: “LUB-ON-WO-CRAFT: Expression of  interest for mentorship in workshops on craft production”.