BRIDGE 2.0 | Capacity Building Training on R&R

BRIDGE 2.0 | Capacity Building Training on R&R

Horizon Civitas organized a Capacity Building Training on Reintegration and Resocialization of perpetrators of crimes related to violent extremism.

The training aimed to increase the knowledge and skills of 30 practitioners (mental health workers, pedagogues, social workers, religious clerics, prison workers, municipal officials, civil society representatives) that will contribute to implement the National Action Plan on R&R. In addition, it helped to build a kick-off coordination of newly established Inter-sectorial Working Group on R&R.

The activities consisted of presentations with moderated discussions, work in small groups and a simulation workshop.

Presentations with moderated discussions were held by representatives of various institutions such as: National Committee for CVE and CT, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, Islamic Religious Community, Center for Social Work – Skopje, Directorate for Execution of Sanctions, Prevention and Reintegration Division – MOI Kosovo, Council of Europe Office in Skopje, IOM North Macedonia and IOM Kosovo, ZIP Institute and Atlantic Initiative. The presentation had a specific focus to reintegration and resocialization policies from relevant aspects and experiences.

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