Terms of Reference (ToR)

for research/needs assesment report on religious counselling for reintergation and resocialization process of returned citizens from conflict zones


Horizon Civitas was founded on November 2017 as a civil society organization for encouraging civic activism and social responsibility. Since its establishment, Horizon Civitas aims to initiate the development in the field of social, cultural and policy-making activities of citizens in order to raise awareness of active and responsible participation in the society. In that line, Horizon Civitas has implemented various activities and projects that regards prevention and countering violent extremism, especially with a focus to the reintegration, resocialization and rehabilitation policies of returned citizens of North Macedonia from the conflicts zones of Syria and Iraq.

Project background

Project title: The Path to Resilience and Community Based Reintegration of Vulnerable Families
Overall objective: Initiating holistic approaches for sustainable reintegration of vulnerable families (including those with RFTF’s) in North Macedonia.

Project Outcomes:

  1. Vulnerable groups feel a sense of integration and gain a sense of purpose;
  2. Local stakeholders/community leaders jointly participate in P/CVE & RRR process and assist vulnerable families;
  3. Receiving community members show reduced level of stigmatization/increased level of acceptance for returnees;
  4. The mainstream national and local media understand and create positive atmosphere;
  5. Strengthened institutional framework and coordination mechanisms for R&R actors;
  6. Front-line workers (FLW) achieve shared understanding related to P/CVE and R&R;


The project activities will take place on three regions of the country: six municipalities in Skopje Region: Chair, Gazi Baba, Butel, Studenichani, Saraj, Arachinovo; two municipalities in Northeastern Statistical Region: Kumanovo and Lipkovo, as well as one in Polog Region: Tetovo.

This project is funded by Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund and implemented by Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC), Association of Citizens NEXUS Civil Concept (NEXUS), Initiative for European Perspective (IEP), Association for Active and Healthy Development of Women and Children “Pleiades” (Pleiades) and Association for Civic Activism and Encouraging Social Responsibility Horizon Civitas (Horizon Civitas).

Purpose and Scope of Work

The purpose of the ToR is preparation of a report based on assessment of need for religious counselling for returned individuals from the conflict zones in Syria and Iraq. Namely, the research report will assess the applicability of such tool in the process of reintegration, resocialization and rehabilitation policies and accordingly provide recommendations for relevant stakeholders (government, NCCVECT, other stakeholders) on the model of its implementation. Moreover, the needs assessment report will additionally propose a training guideline for building capacities of front-line workers (religious workers) about religious counselling in scope of reintegration, resocialization and rehabilitation. Therefore, one (1) researcher with the required qualifications (defined above) will be selected to conduct the research and write the report, respectively.

Expected results

  • Prepared needs assessment report about religious counselling for the process of reintegration, resocialization and rehabilitation of returned individuals from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq.

Intellectual property rights:

Horizon Civitas reserves all intellectual property rights in relation to this study and all related documents and data. No copies of this report or data shall be used, reproduced or shared with other parties without written authorization of Horizon Civitas.


For purposes of this report, a mixed-methods approach will be sight integrating qualitative and quantitative collection of research data. The methodology will include: desk research, interviews (phone, email, in-person) and focus group with religious workers. Horizon Civitas will oversee and manage the research process and ensure compliance with this ToR. In addition, Horizon Civitas will support: the process of further defining/adapting details of the methodology to be used with various target groups; designing questionnaires; selection of participants for interviews. Horizon Civitas is responsible for approval of the products by the involved research entity/experts, as well as for most of the research stages for conducting the research activities, such as desk research, interviews, etc.

Work Plan

26 working days throughout the period from 1st Feb – 30th April 2022.

Deliverables Deadline
Kick-off phase  
Selection of expert 28 January
Finalize the methodology with the selected expert 4 February
Prepare data collection tools for qualitative and quantitative research methods 11February
Data Collection and Analysis  
Facilitate data collection of the expert Data validation with all involved actors in the research process. 18 March
Research report  
Preparing draft report, sending to stakeholders (Horizon Civitas and GCERF) for comments and suggestions 31 March
Finalizing the report in line with the incorporated comments and suggestions by stakeholders 30 April

All deliverables should be submitted electronically in English language to Horizon Civitas, whose research team is responsible for reviewing and requesting revisions to draft deliveries and finally confirming the delivery output.

Research expert

The expert must meet the following minimum criteria to conduct the report:

  • At least one published research report in the topic of P/CVE with focus on reintegration, resocialization and rehabilitation of returned individuals from conflict zones in Syria and Iraq.
  • BA Degree on social sciences (sociology, religious studies, anthropology, geography, development studies, political science, social sciences, international relations, international communications, public policy) or any other relevant discipline with a strong focus on qualitative analysis.
  • Previous project coordination and advocacy experience with stakeholders on R&R. Experience with the beneficiary target group (returned individuals and their families) will be considered as asset.
  • Robust analytical skills and qualitative focus and strong knowledge and understanding of qualitative research/data;
  • Very good analytical and drafting skills, and the ability to work quickly and produce concise, top- quality reports;
  • Cultural and political awareness and sensitivity, particularly in relation to the subject matter of the interviews.

Application requirements

  • CV (including links of relevant publication(s))
  • Financial proposal/offer in MKD

All relevant should be sent to following e-mail addresses: and, no later than 28 January 2022.

Selection process

Horizon Civitas announces this ToR through its official web site ( HC will sensitize contractors that have proven track record in research and/or working with stakeholders and/or the target groups of returned individuals and their families. Any questions of the interested parties should be addressed to and no later than 22 January.