Euro-Active Mentorship

Euro-Active Mentorship

Short description of the project:

Euro-active mentorship is a project that fosters Europeanization of high-school students in North Macedonia through mentorship. The one-year mentorship aims to raise awareness on Europeanization and enhance professional capacities of high-school students through various activities.


The mentorship program is based on three components:

  • Academy: Students participate in various activities (training, workshop, study visits, conferences, Model of EU simulation, etc.) that broadens their awareness and strengthen professional capacities.
  • Project implementation: Students implement small-scale project based on their gained knowledge.
  • Networking: program ensures professional networking with various stakeholders (CSOs, universities, international diplomatic organizations, public and private institutions, etc.).


  • During the Academy, high school students raise awareness on Europeanization of society and EU integration as most important agenda of North Macedonia.
  • The academy also focuses on professional capacity development (preparing CV, letter of motivation, project application & management, civic engagement, advocacy, campaigning, etc.)
  • The Academy activities consists of training, workshop, study visits, simulation activities.

Project implementation:

  • Project implementation is a follow-up phase that aims to share knowledge gained during the Academy cycle.
  • Through the small-scale project implementation, students bring EU to their communities.
  • The small-scale implementation of project is developed by group of students. During the development of idea, project application and implementation, each group of students will have a mentor to assist them in the process.
  • The small-scale project can be consisted of various activities such as workshops, campaign, community action, etc.


  • During the whole Mentorship program, the students will have opportunity to broaden their professional network with various institutions.
  • The networking will include peer to peer meetings with professional individuals such as diplomats, academics, professionals from international organizations, CSO representatives, etc. from North Macedonia and European countries.
  • It also includes information on various opportunities: scholarships, participation to projects (Erasmus +, RYCO).

Period of implementation: Sep 2021 – June 2022

Pilot implementer high school: Yahya Kemal College

Donor: Not any donor. The program is run in voluntary basis.