Get together for community – Local Action Hub for Мunicipality of Cair

Get together for community – Local Action Hub for Мunicipality of Cair

Short description
“Get together for community” is a project that aims to create sustainable systems for involving communities in becoming drivers to development and welfare of their own community. While the project is implemented by NGO Konekt in six municipalities, Horizon Civitas is the Local Hub of the project for Municipality of Cair.

Target group
CSOs, business sector and community members in Municipality of Cair

Component 1: Local stakeholders collectively lead local development
1. Mapping of existing context, capacities and interagency structure:
– Presentation and discussion of the Report on the assessment of capacities for self-sustainability in the selected municipalities;
– Transforming the content of the report into the activities of the Local Action Hubs
2. Adopting the online app “Komuniti” in specifics of municipality:
– Participation to trainings about media literacy and usage of the app ‘Komuniti’
3. Creation of opportunities for offline participation:
– Participation in supporting municipalities, responding to the needs and perspectives of local citizens and providing guidelines for using Communities;
– Participation in the creation of offline modules for the activation of citizens with the partner EVN, including corporate volunteering;
– Cooperation with civil society organizations and community groups that work with marginalized groups in order to define approaches for engaging vulnerable groups;
4. Establishing Local Action Hub:
– Regular communication with NGO Konekt and reporting on the implementation of activities;
– Participation in workshops and meetings at the local level;
– Participation in developing rules and procedures for the functioning of Local Action Hubs and leadership groups;
– Appointment of the coordinator of the Local Action Hub;
– Identifying, inviting and appointing leadership groups;
5. Training of Trainers (ToT) and capacity building:
– Participation to 3-day training on mobilization of local resources;
– Creation of a base of trainers at the local level;
– Participation in orientation and support activities of the Local Action Hubs;
– Participation in orientation activities of local leadership groups;
– Creation of training to strengthen capacities for mobilizing resources at the local level
6. Promotion and accessibility to the app ‘Komuniti’ and offline involvement:
– Actively promoting and familiarizing citizens with ways of using the app ‘Komuniti’;
– Creation of local communication tools and branding of the Local Action Hub;
– Participation in a campaign for the promotion of the app ‘Komuniti’ and Local Action Hub;
– Creation of local communication tools, content and facilitation of the app ‘Komuniti’ discussion;
– Promoting available content on the app ‘Komuniti’;
– The app ‘Komuniti’ videos and media campaigns;
– Participation in events to promote the app ‘Komuniti’;
– Participation in meetings and creation of cooperation with User Energy Centers (KEC);
7. Engaging and activating citizens to lead local development:
– Identification of initial problems in the community using the activation tools and identification of potential local projects/actions;
– Support of local stakeholders in developing solutions and plans for mobilizing local resources;

Component 2: Local actors mobilize/use resources to address development priorities that will benefit the community
1. Building partnerships: Connect!
– Identification of potential partnerships from the base of engaged/involved civil society organizations and companies;
– Local Action Hub are involved in designing citizen-tailored approaches for inter-sectoral cooperation and in facilitating local partnerships;
– Coordination in the service process Connect! implemented at the local level;
– Preparation of the Local Action Hubs for their initial activities;
2. Capacity building of existing local structures and mobilization of local resources:
– Identifying current topics and planning the concept of a networking meeting;
– Participating in a networking meeting;
– Participation to study visit in Romania
3. Give 4 Good Local/ Days for donating at the local level:
3.1 Donor circle in Cair:
– Participation in organizing Donor Circles adapted to local needs and related to the local philanthropic culture;
3.2 Local Donation Days campaign:
– Participation at Local Donation days
3.3 Local Philanthropy Awards:
– Organizing awards events at the local level to recognize individual and corporate donors.
4. Support my community – Gap matching funding
– Implementation and dissemination of an Open Call within the framework of Support my community in order to develop 20 initiatives that will bring concrete solutions to the problems faced by the municipality.
5. Corporate involvement:
– Organized activities for corporate engagement and corporate donation

Location of activities: Municipality of Cair

Period of implementation: November 2023 – October 2026

Sub-granting by NGO Konekt through grant of USAID North Macedonia