LUB-ON-WO-CRAFT: Vocational education on developing crafts for online shopping for women in Lubeten

LUB-ON-WO-CRAFT: Vocational education on developing crafts for online shopping for women in Lubeten

Short description:
This project aims to provide young rural women from Skopje region with necessary knowledge and tools for generating incomes online by producing hand-made crafts. With this, the project focuses to directly address daily-life challenges of young women in rural areas, help them become active in the labor market, as well as reduce their further stigmatization.

The project also aims to provide those benefits by cross-sectorial cooperation between many actors such as: local government (Municipality of Butel), public agency (Fund for Innovation and Technological Development), educational institution (public elementary school of Luboten), business sector (existing online companies) and civil society (Horizon Civitas as implementer, Albiz Foundation as donor).

Target group: 10 unemployed women from the village of Lubeten (Butel, Skopje)

1. Kick-off activities:
– HC makes internal logistical preparations for the project such as relevant documentations (templates for activity agendas, list of participants, evaluation forms, weekly mentor report, ToR for mentorship), purchase of project materials, communication plan, etc.
– HC holds at least five advocacy meetings with stakeholders (public agencies, municipality of Butel, local mobilizers in Lubeten, online business companies, relevant CSOs, etc.) to present the planned activities and establish regular coordination with them for their support to the project implementation. Based on situations, the meetings take place in stakeholder office or HC office. HC ensures free venue for organizing activities at municipality of Butel.
– In coordination with local mobilizer in Lubeten, HC identifies 10 young rural women that will participate to the project activities. HC organizes an info-session for them at municipality venue.

2. Workshops on craft production:
HC organizes 16 workshops on crafts production. The workshops are facilitated by craft-work mentor through applied teaching. The mentor also monitors progress of the participants throughout the whole process. The workshops are organized once per week (16 weeks/in total 4 months). The workshops are divided as follows:
– Workshop on ‘exploding gift box’ (4 weeks)
– Workshop on ‘craft kneeing’ (4 weeks)
– Workshop on ‘painted crafts‘ (4 weeks)
– Workshop on ‘gypsum crafts’ (4 weeks)

3. Training on professional development:
After gaining knowledge on craft production, Horizon Civitas organizes series of 12 trainings on professional development of the 10 young rural women. The trainings are held by various experts in the abovementioned fields. The trainings are organized once per week (12 weeks/3 months in total). The series of training are categorized as follows:

  1. Trainings on personal professional development:
    Week 1: Developing creativity skills
    Week 2: Developing marketing skills
    Week 2: Developing organizational skills
    Week 3: Developing win-win negotiating skillsin business
  2. Trainings on social media for business:
    Week 1: Taking product photography
    Week 2: Managing a business page in social media (Instagram), sharing posts, customer satisfaction
    Week 3: Marketing strategies in social media
    Week 4: Practical training and developing social media pages for production sales
  3. Trainings on entrepreneurship:
    Week 1: How to develop entrepreneurial idea and skills for crafts
    Week 2: Developing a budget plan
    Week 3: Developing market research
    Week 4: Study visit to online service company (selling online products or services)

4. Craft Bazaar: closing expo event
After each young rural women develop their online shopping page, HC organizes a ‘Craft Bazaar’ – closing expo event where each of the women is provided with a stand to show and sell their product, as well as promote their page. The Bazaar takes place in Skopje City Park.

Location of activities: Skopje, Macedonia

Period of implementation:
July 2022 – April 2023

Sub-granting by Foundation Albiz through the Community Investment Platform, program granted by European Union