NGO/CSOs Skills Enhancement in the Western Balkans and Moldova

NGO/CSOs Skills Enhancement in the Western Balkans and Moldova

Short description of the project:

The project aims to foster cooperation among NGO workers and experts from Western

Balkans and Moldova. The idea of the project was born in summer 2021, during talks with the International Visegrad Fund. To pursue the project goals, Strategic Analysis Think Tank will organize in cooperation with partners the roadshow of workshops and trainings in each project country.


The project will train members of the CSO/NGO in each of the seven project countries (Roadshow of trainings) the essential project management skills to develop a more comprehensive professional baseline for this community. Following each training, a discussion will be organized with the members of the local CSO/NGO community on the Future of Europe, during which the project team will collect recommendations and views represented by the sample of local NGOs/CSOs representatives from various walks of life.

During the training participants will also have an opportunity to elaborate their project ideas, which will be collected by the Network manager and matched to similar ones regionally and internationally. The selected projects ideas will receive further mentoring by the project team to boost its chances for success. These projects will be then submitted to suitable donors in the closing stage of the proposed project. Following the series of trainings, participants will be asked to write a short essay/blog on a topic of their choice that will touch upon the issue of democratization or civil society support in their country, and simultaneously debates the future of the European Union in regard to the EU enlargement in the Western Balkans and association process with Moldova. From each project country, two participants will be selected based on the best essay/blog to attend the Summer School that will take place in Montenegro. At the Summer School, they will further deepen their training to become trainers themselves (train-the-trainers).

Montenegro (Podgorica) March 14 – 15
Serbia (Belgrade) April 11-12
Albania (Tirana) April 29-30
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo) May 14-15
North Macedonia (Skopje) May 30-31
Kosovo (Prishtina) June 1 – 2
Moldova (Chisinau) June 16-17
Montenegro – Summer School (Kolašin) September 5-9
Final Online event 12.10.2022

Period of implementation: January 2022 – Nov 2022

Lead: Strategic Analysis (Slovakia)


Be International (Czechia)

Institute for Central Europe (Poland)

AEGEE Budapest (Hungary)

Perspektiva (Albania)

Humanity in Action (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

InnovActive (Kosova) (Moldavia)

ALFA Centar (Montenegro)

Donor: International Visegrad Fund (logo)

Contact - Visegrad Fund - Visegrad Fund