Prejudices and normalization of discrimination

Prejudices and normalization of discrimination

In remark of Human Rights Day on 10th of December, Horizon Civitas organized a panel “Prejudices and normalization of discrimination”. The panel consisted of three presentations by activists in the field of human rights:

“Legal aspects of discrimination in society” held by Jonida Mete Kiki, Executive at Drite Shprese

“Silence in time of discrimination: can we help social genocide?” held by Samet Shabani, Chief Executive at HC

“Understanding a ‘different’ world: Preventing discrimination of people with special needs” held by Edlira Destani, Head of Dua Ylberin (CSO dealing with children with autism)

The event was attended by 30 young participants and co-organized in cooperation with CSOs Drite Shprese and Dua Ylberin.