Strengthening resilience of the youth against radicalisation in the Western Balkans

Strengthening resilience of the youth against radicalisation in the Western Balkans

Short description of the project:

The project has an ambition to contribute to addressing the youth radicalisation in the Western Balkans. The project will be implemented in four project countries – Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and North Macedonia. The main idea of the project is to mobilize active young people that are interested in improving lives of young people in their communities through promoting coexistence and living in harmony with diversities.


Activity 1: Research
Research into the vulnerabilities of youth towards the radicalisation.

Activity 2: Study visit to Slovakia
During the GLOBSEC 2019 Forum in Bratislava, Slovakia. Study trip to Slovakia for most active selected young leaders. Programme including training and meetings with experts and stakeholders in Slovakia.

Activity 3: Summer School on Interfaith Dialogue in Albania
Series of trainings for young leaders from ALB, BIH, KOS and MKD in a form of a Summer School, that will take place in Albania and where young people from all project countries will participate. The programme of the Summer School consisting of trainings, simulations and lectures.

Activity 4: Online campaign against radicalisation
Production of 4 short videos (one per each project country) against radicalisation of youth consisting of declarations of young participants of the programme and key stakeholders in each of project countries. Public campaign against radicalisation on social media and on youth networks including active young leaders.

Activity 5: Final publicity event
Promotion of all activities conducted throughout the project.

Period of Implementation:

1 September 2018 – 30 November 2019


  • GLOBSEC – Slovakia
  • Albanian Helsinki Committee – Albania
  • InnovActive Center for Social Improvement – Kosovo
  • Humanity in Action – Bosnia and Herzegovina