The path to resilience and community based reintegration of vulnerable families

The path to resilience and community based reintegration of vulnerable families

Short description of project:

The programme is designed to cover many aspects for creating an environment/community that will express increased level of acceptance for returnees from foreign conflicts and their families, also that will be active to raise awareness for P/CVE, including Far-Right Extremism and Ethno-Nationalism.

This programme aims to provide support to vulnerable families, mainly in communities with returned fighters by offering several services for improving wellbeing such as psycho-social support and supported access to labour market, as well as enabling environment for further indirect support in the future managed by authorities with the assistance of local referral groups (group of local informal leaders, i.e. people with authority and trust in local communities, very often these people are: religious workers, teachers, NGO workers and similar).

Output activities:

Output 1: Vulnerable groups feel a sense of integration and gain a sense of purpose

Output 2: Supported actions for improving wellbeing of vulnerable families

Output 3: Local stakeholders/community leaders jointly participate in R&R process and assist vulnerable families

Output 4: Referral mechanism

Output 5: Receiving communities members show reduced level of stigmatization/increased level of acceptance for RFTFs

Output 6: Field Surveys

Output 7: Community engagement events

Output 8: The mainstream national and local media understand and create positive atmosphere

Output 9: Journalist training

Output 10: Media content

Output 11: Strengthened institutional framework and coordination mechanisms for R&R actors

Output 12: Legal Framework

Output 13: NC Capacity Building

Output 14: NC Study Visits

Output 15: Informal Regional Platform

Output 16: Front-line workers (FLW) achieve shared understanding related  to P/CVE and R&R

Output 17: R&R models for practitioners

Output 18: FLW Capacity Building

Output 19: FLW Joint Activates

Period of implementation: July 2021 – June 2024

Consortium: Macedonian Centre for International Cooperation (MCIC), Initiative for European Perspective (IEP), Nexus Civil Concept and Pleaides

Donor: Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund – GCERF