Regional closing event | Prevention of youth radicalization

Regional closing event | Prevention of youth radicalization

Together with its regional partners, Horizon Civitas co-organized the first closing event of “Strengthening resilience of the youth against radicalization in the Western Balkans”. During this event, the partner organizations presented activities that took part in scope of this regional project.

Our Chief Executive Samet Shabani had a speech about experience of youth in prevention of radicalization through presenting the work of Horizon Civitas in this thematic. Besides this, he also presented the findings and recommendations coming out from the research in North Macedonia, conducted in scope of the project.

As nominated participant at the study visit in Slovakia by Horizon Civitas, the young activist and media moderator Arlinda Baftii from North Macedonia also shared her experiences from this activity. Besides this, she also talked about her work with youth engagement in media as a tool of prevention of radicalization.

This event took place on 23 October, 2019 in Tirana, Albania.

This project is funded by SlovakAid and co-funded by Visegrad Fund and the Embassy of the Netherlands in North Macedonia.

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